A New Riding Season

It’s that time of year again.

It’s busy. It’s hectic. It’s somewhat chaotic.

However, with all the hurry and scurry that a new riding season brings, the stress of the moment is soon forgotten in the smile of a child. Troy

Even in the midst of a meltdown. Even in the midst of sick horse slinging their slime on volunteers. Even in the midst of the ringing buzz of steel construction work on our new barn expansion.

Nathan with his volunteersA new riding season is a welcomed time of year, because it means the Ranch is resurrected to life again. The lifeblood of the Ranch, our volunteers and our students, join us once more for an unforgettable year.

If you’ve never stepped foot in our arena, then unfortunately you won’t understand. However, if you’re curious about the excitement and want a taste of the joy of this place, stop by and see us.Step out on our porch and just sit. Take it all in. See the smiles. Hear the laughter. Experience the miracles.

Join our family.


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