A New Playground for Runnin’ WJ Ranch!

Narda and SamSince late summer, Runnin’ WJ Ranch has been a construction zone. With big orange equipment and plenty of sounds to make our horses’ ears raise like antennas.

One of the projects we are working on is an inclusive playground for children of various abilities. It will be open to the special needs community, especially to the school systems we service and the individual families of Ranch riders.

As you can see, the staff has already “tested” the equipment for supreme safety!

A few items that we hope will be included in the new playground are swings adaptable for children with wheelchairs and walkers. We also hope to add musical equipment for a great sensory learning environment.

Sam and Me

However, with the new playground comes concern for the safety of children at play, no matter their abilities.

A parent of one of our riders recently wrote about how to ensure the safety of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder while they play on a playground. To read her tips, visit http://jenniferajanes.com/.

The goal of our new playground at Runnin’ WJ is to create a fun, safe and healthy place for children of all abilities to enjoy the joys of play.

Remember your own childhood. What were your favorite things to do when visiting a park or playground? Now consider children who may have different abilities than you. Wouldn’t you want these precious children to experience those fun moments and memories you cherish?

playgroundMany labors of love are making this a reality at the Ranch. From Sunday school classes to humble volunteers, we appreciate those who are making a dream come true both financially and physically.

Be sure to watch the progress each time you visit the Ranch!


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