Gone shopping…

It’s finally beginning to feel like fall.

There is a crispness in the air and the wind is bellowing through the arena.

The trees’ branches in the pastures are swaying and the sun brings a pleasant warmth to the leaders, side walkers and students.

With autumn in the air, Runnin’ WJ Ranch looks forward to new activities in the arena.

One of these activities is “grocery shopping”. You may wonder how our students can shop for groceries on the back of a horse. Well, a few of our excellent volunteers constructed our very own “grocery aisles” in our arena, so our students can “shop” for a banana, donut, apple, carton of eggs, etc. all while strengthening memory and cognitive skills.

The instructor will tell the student to “shop” for a certain item, such as a gallon of milk or an ear of corn. They may even instruct students to “shop” for groceries beginning with the letter D or find two groceries to bring to the instructor in the middle of the arena. In order to “shop,” the student must stop their horse beside the “grocery aisle” and use their core muscle strength to reach for their groceries and pull them back onto their horse, all with as little assistance from their leaders and side walkers as needed.

The goal of therapeutic riding is to strengthen the student physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally. This fun game will help our students in all of these areas.

If you have grocery items at home such as juice or milk cartons, plastic bottles, egg cartons etc. please save them and bring them with you to the Ranch, so our students can “go shopping”!


pinterestFor more fall activities for children with special needs, see us on Pinterest: Activities for Special Needs Children



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