It takes an army…

Non-profits depend greatly on the support of their communities-such as wonderful organizations and generous individuals.

Just this week, Chico’s Texarkana and Guaranty Bank and Trust are investing in our children through a shopping excursion and golf tournament! We love creative fundraisers at the Ranch.

Last night, Guaranty Bank and Trust hosted a pre-tournament dinner for golf invitational participants. Runnin’ WJ was happy to offer old boots, horseshoes, bandanas and horse figurines for the table decor. During the event, attendees placed bids on items from a television to tires in a silent auction benefiting the Ranch.

The golf tournament is today at North Ridge Country Club. Mary Lynn, our friend Brandon and Katey Santifer, Miss Teen Texarkana, AR will pass out gourmet cookies to golfers as they pause between holes.

This Saturday, between 12-5 pm, Chico’s Texarkana is hosting a fundraiser for our students. During these hours, 10% of sales will benefit the children of the Ranch.

Keep up with us on Instagram at @runninwj for highlights from these events!

It’s organizations like these that keep us going and we are very thankful!








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