A look in his blue eyes reminds me…

This morning our “littles” were all bundled up for their riding class along with our volunteers in their coats, hats and gloves.

Blue EyesI bundled up as well and headed out with my camera phone to snap a few pictures. One of the boys stopped his horse for a close up. He smiled down at me with his blue eyes and long eye lashes as I snapped away and it was in that moment I was reminded again why we are here.

It’s all about loving these kids with the love of Christ and in return, we are the ones receiving unconditional love…from our Heavenly Father and from “blue eyes” and all the smiling faces of our students.

When a child picks up their reins, says “Walk On,” or acknowledges their volunteers, we experience everyday miracles.

The next time you’re at the Ranch, make sure to remember to look up into the eyes of our riders.

You’ll be reminded too.


2 thoughts on “A look in his blue eyes reminds me…

    • Jacklyn, Mary Lynn Patterson, Director of Public Relations and Development at Runnin’ WJ Ranch, wrote the blog and took Cutter’s picture. We would love to send you a copy! Give us a call and let us know where to email one to you. (903) 838-3223. We apologize we are just responding! We are learning our way around our blog!


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