Eyes Wide Open

IMG_0508-001This morning, I was reminded that in order to have a growing relationship with God, we must listen to Him-open our eyes and let Him show us all He wants to show us.

Just think about your closest relationships. What if you or the other person did all the talking? One of you would be sitting there like a bump on a log. There would be no “getting to know you quality time.” One person would dominate the conversation.

Isn’t that like how we are with God? We tell him our concerns, our wants, our desires…which is all good, but do we listen to what He has to say in response?James

I do that here at the Ranch. So often, I’m back in the office away from the arena. I’m in my little world, in my comfort zone. So often I miss the victories and the miracles that take place everyday, just a few feet from my desk. I tell Narda and Sam often that if I’m not in that arena every now and then, I forget why we are even here.

Isn’t it so easy to forget? To go throughout our day with our eyes shut, missing every little love note, every little reminder, every compass direction God shares with us with during the 24 hours He offers as a gift.

Just yesterday, we had two new riders conquer their fears and anxiety and ride their horses for an entire session. Our little “crayon” friend from a continues to make progress, riding his horse without interruptions. This place is full of everyday triumphs, if your eyes are wide open to witness them.

Are your eyes wide open today?


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