The Crayon

This morning, Ms. Narda sent me a text asking me to come in for the 9:00 o’clock class. When I arrived on the back porch , Narda told me our student only made it one lap around the arena last week-and that was kicking and screaming.

So, I prepared to hold on tight.

When our rider came out holding the hands of his teachers, he also had a hold of something else. A magenta crayon. There were no tears and no fits. We all head our breath.

Then it was his turn to get on “his” horse. Although there was slight resistance, he mounted his steed and Ms. Narda and I took our posts on each side. pink crayon

With crayon tightly in tow, our cute little rider observed his friends riding on their horses and waved his arms in excitement. He squirmed a little, but not from fear.

In the outdoor arena, he squinted in the sunshine and seemed to enjoy the horse, as long as his crayon was in full sight. We even dropped it a few times without tears and without any concern.

One activity Ms. Shelly had for her class today was a basketball toss. At first, our rider didn’t seem too sure. However, it could have been because his horse was just a little too far from the basket for his comfort. He still tossed the ball to our squeals of delight and praise.

Next time, he was ready. We pulled him up closer to the hoop and after a few attempts and watching us place the ball through the net, he repeated our actions and made a slam dunk! We cheered and high-fived, so excited for today’s victory.

The sweet little guy made it through the entire class, even until it was time to get off the horse.

Another everyday miracle at Runnin’ WJ Ranch.


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